Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What We Learned About Our Community

Today we heard from Cincinnati-Eastside Rotarian Bob Berberich of Clear Choice Coaching. Today he spoke about integrity which has to do with honesty, being a solid person and doing what you say you’re going to do.

Bob shared 5 pillars of integrity:
  • Emotional Intelligence - Being aware of the beliefs, theories and character of myself or others.
  • Impeccable agreements - Doing what you promise to do or else renegotiate when things fall through.
  • Conscious communication - Awareness of how I communicate and how others communicate.
  • Speak unarguably - Not assuming the meaning for another but only speaking about what’s true for me.
  • Healthy responsibility - While I’m 100% responsible for my actions, there are many things I simply cannot control. Realizing I can be responsible TO others but not FOR others.

Bob can be reached at 859-466-5226.

Next week we will hear from Jim Barger who will give a CVB update and Sheila Hinton who will update us on the Williamsburg & Batavia Hike Bike Trail fundraising event.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What We Learned About Our Community

Today we heard from Chris Finney of Finney Law Firm. Chris is a lawyer who opened an commercial law office in Clermont County at Ivy Pointe about 1 year ago. The supreme court recently accepted 2 of their appeals which is a huge honor considering they get 10k applications per year while on 69 are accepted for oral argument and 30 in writing.

Their mission is to make a positive difference for our clients through the values of integrity, accountability, communication and excellence. The firm has 8 attorneys who handle individual and small business issues but not domestic relations.
  • Transactional items include wills, trust, estate, probate, real estate, etc.
  • Commercial dispute resolution includes litigation, arbitration, mediation, negotiation, bankruptcy, criminal, appellate advocacy, etc.
  • Public interest litigation includes violations of the US and Ohio constitution, taxpayer actions for violations of state law, open meetings, public records.
  • Property tax valuation includes assisting taxpayers in reducing their property taxes in Ohio and Kentucky, obtaining reduction in tax valuation using appraisal (the fee typically is contingent on victory and a percentage of the savings).
  • Title work includes residential and commercial

Chris can be contacted at chris@finneylawfirm.com or 513-943-6655

Next week we will Bob Berberich of Clear Choice Coaching.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What We Learned About Our Community

Today we heard from Sharon Strickland who is a Yoga Instructor. She can be contacted at yogawithsharon@yahoo.com.

Yoga means to yoke or unite. It has been around for 3000 years and was originated by Buddhists. There are 8 limbs of Yoga: Check out http://www.yogajournal.com/article/beginners/the-eight-limbs/

What happens to the brain when we meditate? What are brain stages?
  • Beta stage - active, fear, stress, anxiety
  • Alpha stage - Creativity, in the zone, peak performance, where we should be most times
  • Theta - Meditation, relaxed vigilance, ability to recall that’s not present in the Beta or Alpha stage.
  • Delta - Sleeping

What are the benefits of increasing alpha brain waves?
  • Reduce stress and nervousness
  • Clear thoughts
  • Higher level of creativity
  • Increase problem solving and decision making
  • Improve mood and stability o emotions
  • Improve overall performance in the zone
  • Super learning and enhanced memory
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Increase Serotonin levels (mood regulator)

What are methods to increase
  • Meditation or prayer - think about 1 thing or task
  • Yoga
  • Deep breathing
  • Green tea, amino acid, L-theanine increases dopamine (neuro-transmitter)
  • Saunas, steamrooms
  • Massages
  • Quiet/meditative walks

Next week we will have our students of the month.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What We Learned About Our Community

Today we heard from Howard Daugherty, Executive Director of Clermont Veterans’ Service Commission. They are a county agency with 4 service officers who help veterans and their dependents with claim work. Claims can take years to process and are related to all sorts of issues that arise from military service including agent orage issues, PTSD, etc. To receive financial assistance, veterans need to be residents of Clermont County for at least 90 days. They will also help veterans work with local job placement services to help them find work. For more information contact (513) 732-7363. Their website is www.clermontcountyveterans.com.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What We Learned About Our Community

Today we heard from Tom Sutton who is the Owner-Operator at the Eastgate Chick-fil-a. Tom believes that everybody has a story, if we bother to hear it. He trains his staff to read the body language and mood of customers. Their goal is to help improve their mood before they leave. He shared his business and personal model called “Great Leaders S.E.R.V.E” which stands for...

  • See and shape the future
    • We must have a vision for what we want our future to be
  • Engage and develop other people
    • This is about character development. Not just the “tip of the iceberg” but also “what’s underneath.” Charisma is not character.
    • They do an appraisal filter to determine if an employee doesn’t know how to do a job (they can be trained), can’t do a job (they help them overcome the obstacle) or won’t do a job (they need to move on)
  • Reinvent continuously
    • This is about reinventing our systems, structures and selves in order to be around years from now
    • Ben Franklin “Time is the passing of life”
  • Value results and relationships
    • We need to care about both. If you take care of people, people will take care of you.
  • Embody the values

Next week we will celebrate our students of the month.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What We Learned About Our Community

Today we heard from Shawn Kuhn of Southeast Cincinnati Young Life.

Young Life is a non-denominational, Christian organization dedicated to serving youth in local middle and high schools (including teen moms), colleges and children with disabilities. It was started nearly 75 years ago and is now in 90 countries worldwide, including every state in America.

Shawn oversees young adults who serve as genuine friends to students by going to their events and being involved in their lives. These caring adults become a mature, positive influence and engage in all sorts of conversations that “matter” in life. Some of these conversations involve faith, family, college, career, etc. Young Life leaders are not trying to replace influential adults who are already in their lives, but come alongside those adults while also reaching students who have fallen by the wayside for one reason or another. Psychologists will tell you that for students to be successful requires a quantity of adults in their lives.

Faith is certainly a huge component of Young Life. They share what the Bible says about Jesus and encourage them to compare that with what they hear from other sources. Sometimes students will pursue what the Bible says and others will not. Either way, Young Life leaders continue investing in their lives if the students are receptive to their involvement.

Young Life owns many amazing campgrounds all over the world. These camps are first-class, resort-style properties that provide both style and substance. Camping gives students a chance to get out of their normal routines and environments to have some moments of reflection, get into all kinds of fun and build lasting relationships. SEC Young Life works hard to make these incredible camping experiences as affordable as possible. Over the last 3 years of camping, they have raised over $55,000 to directly offset the costs of camp for students.

During the month of September, SEC Young Life has been offered matching funds where every donation to camping will be doubled. If you would like to contribute or learn more, contact Shawn at SECYoungLife@gmail.com

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What We Learned About Our Community

Today we heard from Jim Vogt of Citizens Climate Lobby, a growing organization with roughly 6600 current members. Their purpose is  to create the political will for a sustainable climate and to empower individuals to have breakthroughs in exercising their personal and political power. They are a non-partisan group advocating a revenue-neutral, free-market carbon tax to fight climate change. This group is filled with non-paid lobbyists that trains members to speak powerfully to their elected officials, the media and their local communities. Their Cincinnati chapter meets monthly and teams provide each other with support and encourage breaking through comfort zones to act as community leaders.

CCL members meet with their members of congress, launch letter-writing campaigns, write letters to the editor and op-ed pieces, work with editorial boards to generate editorials and give presentations to community groups. In 2013 the organization has had 709 meetings with congressional offices, met with 46 newspaper editorial boards, generated 41 editorials and published 1265 letters to the editor.

In 2014, CCL grew from 151 to 193 chapters, covering 364 of 465 congressional districts. The Cincinnati chapter grew in size from 12 to 18 members. 600 members attended the annual conference in DC.

The culture of CCL is non-confrontational, non-partisan and always looking for common ground. They try to be gentle, persistent and persuasive as “loving bulldogs” and will talk to anyone (such as staffers and interns). The group builds political will by getting as many as possible to learn of and think about their ideas.

The basic idea with Carbon tax is...a tax is placed on carbon-based fuels at the source (well, mine, port of entry). This tax starts at $15 per ton of fossil CO2 emitted, and increases steadily over the years so that clean energy becomes cheaper than fossil fuels. All the money collected is returned to American households on an equitable basis. ⅔ of American break-even or come out ahead.

Find out more about this group at http://citizensclimatelobby.org/

Next week we will have our student of the month presentations.