Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What We Learned At This Week's Meeting

Our speaker was David Uibel of Vista Grande Ranch in New Richmond, Ohio.

He began by showing us this video which explains it all.
Some of us had no idea this was being done so close to us!
They sell their meat through Leers in Milford, Jungle Jim's and IGA. Kroger has begun selling buffalo in recent years which has greatly affected the ability to purchase livestock to replenish their herd. They butcher about 14 buffalo per year which is about the number of calves produced annually. The animals are processed in a USDA facility in Indiana. Normally the buffalo feed on 150 of their 175 acres and are finished with corn feed. In the winter time the buffalo feed on hay and they are never given any hormones or antibiotics. The buffalo are basically maintenance free and most of the labor involved is cutting grass, putting up high-tensil fences, running water lines, etc.

Our speaker next week is: Sean Spurlock a Student of Miami Valley Christian Academy

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What We Learned At This Week's Meeting

In addition to hearing great information about the Rotary International "Paul Harris Fellowship" which can be learned about on the RI website we heard today from Gary Elfers who is the Executive Director of Affordable Language Services.

He began by asking... “How many languages do you think there are in the region of NKY and southern Ohio? Answer: Over 100

His company offers translation (written) and interpretation (verbal) for the Greater Cincinnati Area and even help in the Clermont, Warren & Hamilton county courts . Gary explained the difference between a bilingual speaker (more casual) and a formal interpreter (trained in specific terminology including courts, medical, etc.). Several agencies are even requesting that interpreters be certified. Affordable Language hires people part-time, by the hour ($15-$35/hr) as needed. They are constantly networking to expand their base of help so that when a need arises they can meet it.

How does his service benefit the community? Well, Gary gave an example of how a family might come to Children's hospital and be unable to communicate with the doctors...Affordable Language helps on-site, usually within 30-45 minutes. They also help with over 170 languages via the telephone. This company even helps other companies update their websites to appeal to those of various languages and provides help for those companies. By helping businesses communicate with their own employees they can actually increase the likelihood employees will understand policies and procedures which can often lead to fewer workplace injuries and fewer worker's comp claims..

Chris Smith shared how he was on a jury a while back and how a translation service made a major difference in the proper handling of the case. Mac Hickman shared a personal testimony of how the exchange students will often shake their head even when they don't understand what you're saying and how greatly a service like this is needed.

Our speaker next week is: Dave Uibel of Vista Grand Ranch