Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What We Learned About Our Community

Today we heard from Rita Ferguson of Pittsburg Plate Glass located in Milford. They now are simply called PPG Packaging Coatings because 73% of their sales are industrial coatings.

Their website states...“PPG Industries is a leader in its markets; is a streamlined, efficient manufacturer; and operates on the leading edge of new technologies and solutions. It is our vision to continue being the world’s leading coatings and specialty products and services company, serving customers in construction, consumer products, industrial and transportation markets and aftermarkets. PPG has manufacturing facilities and equity affiliates in more than 60 countries around the globe.”

This company grew out of the BASF organization. There was a fire a few years ago which brought down 8 of their buildings located in Cincinnati. They moved some of the operations to Greenville, OH and Grand Rapids, MI. However, because of having some great customers in Cincinnati, such as Heekin Can, they maintained a research and development presence in Cincinnati.

The company has 68 Full Time Employees (About half live in Clermont County)
-5 General managers and Administration
-57 Technical including Chemists, Food Scientists, Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Technicians
-6 Customer Service

There is always a coating on the inside of cans whether it appears like it or not. They protect the food from the can and the can from the food. Epoxy linings in food cans help preserve the food for a very long time. A typical 3 piece can allows you to take both ends of the can off to remove the product. A 2 piece can only allows you to remove one end.

Next week we will present Student of the month awards and hear a presentation from our foreign exchange students.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What We Learned About Our Community

Today we heard from Eric Sears of Auxier Gas

Currently, the best prices is on natural gas, then electric, then propane. Natural gas prices are down right now because there is much drilling going on in the United States. There are many opportunities to drill in this area. Eric advised us that if anyone wants to drill on your property that you should get a lawyer and an accountant before signing anything.

Auto gas prices are down right now because “winter gas” is cheaper to make than “summer gas”. There is a huge demand for growth in alternative fuels. Auxier is part of Alliance AutoGas.  which was founded by the nation’s largest independent propane company, Blossman Gas. Alliance AutoGas is a national consortium of more than 50 partners. Alliance partners include premier equipment providers, certified conversion centers and an expansive network of autogas fuel providers.

Autogas is just another word for propane because people do not think of propane as an auto fuel. Propane Autogas can be over $1 per gallon cheaper than regular gas. The miles per gallon is about 85% of what you would get with regular gas. The carbon emissions are less than most other fuels. Many organizations are successfully converting to and using Autogas in such applications as truck fleets and police vehicles. California and Texas are leading in alternative fuels, however, the US lags behind the world in Autogas use. Ironically, most of the world's propane comes from the US.

Next week we will hear from Rita Ferguson of Pittsburg Plate Glass.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What We Learned About Our Community

Today we heard from Tina Hare who is the managing partner of Simply Fresh Dry Cleaners (810 Ohio Pike).

Her grandfather came from Italy through Ellis Island with $50 in his pocket. She left a good job in health care to start “The Ink Well” printing business in 1988. She sold out in 2006 when she saw the market changing and then studied Guerilla Marketing with Jay Conrad Stevenson. She started “Image First Solutions” which is a promotional and marketing firm (her husband still runs this).

When her son became interested in starting his own business, they traveled the Midwest looking for ideas. They decided on Simply Fresh Dry Cleaning. She wrote a business plan that won 1st place in a small business competition. Simply Fresh is unique (1 of 5 in greater Cincinnati) as it does not use perchloroethylene or PERC which is a toxic, carcinogen. The Simply Fresh system is environmentally friendly and they are working hard to eliminate plastic waste. For example, they now use re-usable garment bags. They also offer route serve and pick-up service, which sets them apart from others. The prices are competitive. In the future they will expand the drop-off/pick-up sites and might go into the fire restoration business.

Next week we will hear from Eric Sears of Auxier Gas.