Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What We Learned About Our Community

Today we heard from Greg Ward of Downing Displays which was founded in 1962 and was the first manufacturer in the United States of portable exhibits. They are headquartered in Greater Cincinnati which gives them a huge advantage in terms of shipping to most major trade show cities.

Their website states, “For 50 years Downing Displays has been building brand experiences for event marketers. We pioneered the portable display industry by creating displays that could be set-up by one person and transported in a car. This concept of lightweight, simple and durable building techniques has guided us as we moved to modular aluminum and wood built structures. Today we are a full service event marketing company providing solutions for trade shows and events around the world.”

When their business began, it was very face-to-face and their customers were interested in how their displays were constructed. Today's generation of business professionals are far less engaged in face to face communication and more interested in the message that goes on the display. In both generations, trade shows are still an important part of business even with all of the technologies available today. One change is that people are more interested in using the internet than checking out a showroom and consequently, Downing only needs one show room today. Display companies not only must design, build, and store displays for companies but businesses are demanding they bring ideas to the table on how to make their displays more effective. Video monitors are also in high demand for display purposes. 

Next week we will hear from Kim Hamel, Eastgate Mall Manager and Regional manager for several CBL Shopping malls across the Midwest. Retail analysis of Clermont.