Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What We Learned About Our Community

Today we heard from Cincinnati-Eastside Rotarian Bob Berberich of Clear Choice Coaching. Today he spoke about integrity which has to do with honesty, being a solid person and doing what you say you’re going to do.

Bob shared 5 pillars of integrity:
  • Emotional Intelligence - Being aware of the beliefs, theories and character of myself or others.
  • Impeccable agreements - Doing what you promise to do or else renegotiate when things fall through.
  • Conscious communication - Awareness of how I communicate and how others communicate.
  • Speak unarguably - Not assuming the meaning for another but only speaking about what’s true for me.
  • Healthy responsibility - While I’m 100% responsible for my actions, there are many things I simply cannot control. Realizing I can be responsible TO others but not FOR others.

Bob can be reached at 859-466-5226.

Next week we will hear from Jim Barger who will give a CVB update and Sheila Hinton who will update us on the Williamsburg & Batavia Hike Bike Trail fundraising event.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What We Learned About Our Community

Today we heard from Chris Finney of Finney Law Firm. Chris is a lawyer who opened an commercial law office in Clermont County at Ivy Pointe about 1 year ago. The supreme court recently accepted 2 of their appeals which is a huge honor considering they get 10k applications per year while on 69 are accepted for oral argument and 30 in writing.

Their mission is to make a positive difference for our clients through the values of integrity, accountability, communication and excellence. The firm has 8 attorneys who handle individual and small business issues but not domestic relations.
  • Transactional items include wills, trust, estate, probate, real estate, etc.
  • Commercial dispute resolution includes litigation, arbitration, mediation, negotiation, bankruptcy, criminal, appellate advocacy, etc.
  • Public interest litigation includes violations of the US and Ohio constitution, taxpayer actions for violations of state law, open meetings, public records.
  • Property tax valuation includes assisting taxpayers in reducing their property taxes in Ohio and Kentucky, obtaining reduction in tax valuation using appraisal (the fee typically is contingent on victory and a percentage of the savings).
  • Title work includes residential and commercial

Chris can be contacted at chris@finneylawfirm.com or 513-943-6655

Next week we will Bob Berberich of Clear Choice Coaching.