Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What We Learned About Our Community

Today we heard from Michelle Cloyd of Cancer Support Community. They offer numerous incredible services for cancer patients and their families. Michelle mentioned that studies expect there will be a staggering 45% increase of cancer diagnosis in the near future.

According to their website, “Backed by evidence that the best cancer care includes psychosocial and emotional support, CSC offers community-based programs and services that are intended to provide non-medical care to men, women, and children with any type or stage of cancer and to their loved ones, to support a holistic, patient-active approach to wellness. CSC offers these services free of charge through professionally led support groups, educational workshops and presentations, healthy lifestyle programs, social activities, and programs specific to families and children. CSC’s programs and services are designed to complement conventional medical care, enhance quality of life, strengthen survivor care, improve the recovery, and facilitate better communication with medical teams.”

To learn more about the over 250 programs they offer every month, check out their website www.cancersupportcincinnati.org